taco bell: nacho fries countdown

When Taco Bell introduced Nacho Fries to the world, it was an overnight success.
Which explains why fans were baffled when Nacho Fries mysteriously left the menu.

Fans were constantly checking online to see if their beloved Nacho Fries were available again.
From Reddit threads to YouTube comments, fans were all asking the same thing.

So we made it stupid easy for them.
We created a website that existed for only one reason.


We filmed an hourglass filled with real nacho cheese. Then we slowed down the dripping of the cheese so that it would take four months to finish dripping, which is exactly how long it would be before Nacho Fries returned to Taco Bells nationwide.

Impatient fans who checked our site daily wouldn’t notice any change at all. Only those who regularly visited over the course of several months would be able to spot any differences in order to confirm that, yes, this was indeed an actual countdown clock.