National Taco Day is on Wednesday, October 4th. 
It's not really a thing, but we pretended like it's been a thing for ages and ages.
We created holiday stories, traditions, gifts, cards, the whole shebang.
So now it's actually a thing.


How do you make a made-up holiday seem legit?
By creating a holiday special. A claymation holiday special.

"Glen and the Magic Taco" currently has over 1MM views on YouTube.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 1.41.03 AM.png


We kicked off the National Taco Day Season with a festive holiday special livestreamed on Facebook. The special included live musical performances of the National Taco Day song, the debut of the special taco day gift set, and a surprise link drop for Taco Bell's Test Kitchen.

#tacogram twitter bot

Every year, people send each other Christmas cards to spread the holiday cheer. So we created a Twitter bot that allowed fans to easily send one other National Taco Day cards. You know, to spread the taco cheer and what not. 



"the search for el cruncho" facebook 360


On Christmas Eve, we look up at the night sky hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa's sleigh. Why not do the same on National Taco Day Eve and try to catch a glimpse of El Cruncho's Magic Flying Taco Truck? 

We created social posts putting El Cruncho in 360 panoramas encouraging fans to search the images for the flying taco truck.


We turned an everyday Snapchat filter into a quick way to send a National Taco Day greeting card with all of your friends. With nationwide and in-store versions available to use, the filters got over 5 million views.



Want to celebrate National Taco Day with taco swag? We partnered with Etsy to create a curated shopping guide that we shared with our fans to help them get gifts for all of their friends (but let's be real, it was most likely just for themselves).



gift set PRODUCT copy

National Taco Day is about friendship and generosity (but mainly tacos). So Taco Bell created the National Taco Day Gift Set. It was available for one day only on Taco Bell's website, which is famous for its quirky product copy. The honor of writing this one fell unto my shoulders. No pressure.


Creative Directors: Rich Ford, Ken Slater, Kate Foley
Copywriters: Kurt Gassman, Dennis Chen
Art Directors: Eugene Chang, Chris Lumain
Creative Technology Director: Chris Allick