taco bell belluminati

Taco Bell has over 20 items that cost just a dollar each. 
But how can so much decadence cost just one dollar?
Who's really behind this? Is it the Illuminati?
Or the Belluminati?


PRESS: Adweek, Adage, Fox News, Business Insider, HuffPost, InfoWars (yes, that InfoWars)

case study




teaser kits

We sent fans that preached about Taco Bell's value menu, exclusive Belluminati kits with a blacklight and a single dollar bill that revealed a secret message when illuminated.




We created fake conspiracy theories linking the dollar bill to Taco Bell and posted them online. Most people had no idea it was an ad until the very end.




To emphasize that the "Dollar gets you more at Taco Bell," we created a secret web store that only those "in the know" could access. Fans had to solve three puzzles in escalating difficulty to unlock the store.

first unlock.png

The First Unlock

We posted an image on Twitter with one instruction: look closely at the ONE in the center. Fans that followed the instructions eventually discovered the password hiding somewhere in the bill.

The Second Unlock

We posted a video of Washington looking at the corner of the bill. Could the answer be on your own dollar bill?


The Final Unlock

Lastly, we took to Reddit to post another video with Morse Code. It was the highest engagement Taco Bell ever had on Reddit and it almost crashed our store with the sheer number of people trying to guess the password.


exclusive belluminati GEAR

Fans that were able to unlock our secret store had the chance to buy exclusive Belluminati items. But they had to act quick, because all of the items sold out within a matter of minutes. One guy even hacked his way into our store via a brute force cyber attack.



Fans got tattoos of our logo.
Our items appeared on eBay: both genuine and fake.
One famous country singer hated it.
And real conspiracy theorists lost their shit.