x-acto knife (spec)

X-Acto knives are known for their sharpness, precision, and maneuverability.
That's because they're designed with aluminum handles and interchangeable carbon steel blades,
which is pretty intense for something that's found in the arts and crafts aisle.

Serious Engineering For Not So Serious Stuff



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Package design

We redesigned the packaging so that it unfolds to become a paper craft template for seriously engineered, highly maneuverable things like cars, planes, boats, etc. Buyers can familiarize themselves with their new X-Acto knives by taking them on a "test drive."



Where do you find clusters of creatively minded folks?
The arts district of any major city- where our Snapchat papercraft lens is geo-located.

Product Extension

As a playful nod to the world of digital art, we created a limited run of the X-Acto Stylus.
The stylus not only serves as a conversation piece among digital artists, but it also reminds them of the world of paper craft.


Art Director: Jessica Sugerman
Copywriter: Dennis Chen