I used to be part of a photography club.
We would challenge each other to find new and interesting places to shoot.
Some of those places were creepy and abandoned. 
Places like old hospitals, supermarkets, ghost towns, cathedrals, even secret nazi compounds. 

But of all the places we discovered, my favorite will always be The Hawthorne Mall.
I remember my parents taking me there as a kid, so seeing it in its decrepit state made me pretty nostalgic.

the hawthorne mall

Located in Hawthorne, California, the mall first opened in 1977 and largely catered to the middle class.
Despite initial popularity, the mall went into decline in the 1990s, eventually closing its doors in 1999.

The 40 acre property that once housed over 100 stores now sits deserted and boarded up,
with security patrolling the perimeter to keep vandals and explorers out.


Fun fact: Hawthorne Mall was recently featured in David Fincher's Gone Girl.