Don't hate me, but I'm going to use the "M" word- millennials.
Millennials are the fastest growing age-segment in terms of money spent on travel. 
And their desire for social experiences abroad is already reshaping the travel industry.

If Tinder were to incorporate a travel feature within their app, 
it would not only attract new users, but also increase the opportunity for more ad revenue
from new partners like hotel groups, airlines, and tourism boards.

Besides hanging out in the lobbies of hostels and loitering outside bars, 
is there a better way to make friends fast while abroad?

Introducing Tinder Campfire.



Note: This video was created and uploaded in April 2016. After a week, it was flagged for trademark infringement.
The very next day, Tinder announced
they were working on a beta version of a similar product.
Three months later, Tinder Social was
 launched worldwide.
Darn it!

core features








Campfire's group swiping feature allows travelers to discover and meet potential friends,
not dates. 






Travelers can choose to display their nationalities and even upload their itineraries. Campfire automatically displays overlapping plans, making it easy to coordinate events and meet up again in the future.






If it's a match, then it's game on! Make plans to meet up for a drink or explore the city. 






Built-in maps allow travelers to set specific meet up points, which can be helpful when street signs are in other languages. 


Art Directors: Ken TsuchiyaJosh Gherghel
Copywriter: Dennis Chen