If you want to talk to animals, first you've got to speak their language.
Hunting calls mimic the sounds of different creatures in order to draw game in closer. 
It's like if you heard someone yelling out, "Hey! I"m naked and I've got a bunch of free pizza!"
Except it's about animal stuff- like mating, fighting, and feeding.

Primos Hunting Calls
Sometimes the perfect shot takes a little persuasion. 



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package design

Coyote calls work by mimicking the sounds of wounded prey (like rabbits), which means free lunch for a coyote. 

The inner tray slides out to reveal the coyote that is being called. It also reveals a hunter primed for the perfect shot. 

in-store display

Shoppers at hunting outlets (like Bass Pro Shops) will be surprised when some inconspicuous game mounts come to life by the Primos stand.
It seems they followed the sounds of the calls into the store and need some help finding the animals they definitely heard.


Hunters who visit the Gander Mountain website will be able to play "Primos Hunting Trail," where nothing much happens until using the power of Primos. 


A similar surprise can be found on the Cabela's website: "Primos Duck Hunt." 

And because all hunters love displaying their trophy (and bragging rights), they can share their score and challenge friends through the new Games feature within Facebook Messenger.


Art Director: Frank Garguilo
Copywriter: Dennis Chen