play it again sports (Spec)

Most brands in the athletics category all push similar messages: Go harder. Push the limits. Become the next pro champion.
It's all super intense and kind of intimidating.

The truth is, we don't know whether or not we'll like a sport until we try it.

Play It Again Sports sells sports gear, but they also buy gear back
which is good- because it doesn't always work out the way we had planned.

Play It Again Sports
We sell gear. We also buy gear back. 


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retail experience

Dual Registers: To celebrate the duality of trying new sports for the first time, we separated the purchase and return registers. On one side, "sports" embodies the excitement when purchasing new equipment. On the other side, "nvm" sympathizes with those whose attempts didn't go as planned. 

Shopping Bags: We get it. Being seen walking out of a used sports store isn't that cool. But it can be! We designed new shopping bags that highlight the fact that someone is just trying out a new sport. Super casual, nothing serious. The bags have blank spaces on them, which allow employees to write in the name of the sport associated with each purchase.

By owning the attitude of experimentation and making light of uncertainty, we create a sense of humor and pride for the brand.

Beginner's Swag: When you're new to a sport, it's natural to be a little self conscious about your inability. Why not just own it? This way, they'll be laughing with you, not at you. 


Stickers: Quitting has a stigma of being a negative thing, of being something to be embarrassed about. However, quitting is just a natural part of trying out new things.  It means just as much to discover what you don't like, as it does to find something you do like. We want to celebrate both sides of the story by handing out fun stickers with every transaction, regardless of what kind it is. 

outdoor messaging

Pain Points: Everyone has moments when they get frustrated and want to call it quits. It is during these little moments that we would like to be there.


Quitter Excuse Generator: Already decided you're going to quit a sport but feel pressure from your friends to stay? Worry not! This extension of our current website gives you plausible excuses for quitting any sport!


Art Director: Maria Kouninski
Copywriter: Dennis Chen
Strategist: Nick Spinner